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Soap2day Raw Deal

Director :

John Irvin

Stars :

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kathryn Harrold, Sam Wanamaker

Genre :

Action, Crime, Thriller

Release :


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Watch Raw Deal HD Soap2day, Dishonoured and forcibly retired from the FBI on grounds of excessive brutality, the former agent Mark Kaminski, is now reduced to a small-town Sheriff. However, when Chief Harry Shannon, an old friend from the bureau whose son Blair Shannon was murdered by the mob, turns to Mark for help, the tough Sheriff who is always ready for action, will see this offer as a chance to his reinstatement. In this deadly and unofficial assignment, Mark has to infiltrate Luigi Patrovita's powerful mob family to tear it apart, while forcing his way through the crime organization as the mysterious Joseph P. Brenner. Now, he has to stay away from the law without blowing his cover, but is it wise to give Mark a raw deal?

Raw Deal

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