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Soap2day Disclosure

Director :

Barry Levinson

Stars :

Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland

Genre :

Drama, Thriller

Release :


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Watch Disclosure HD Soap2day, Tom Sanders is a manager at a computer company in Seattle. Happily married with children, Tom had big hopes for a promotion by his boss, but it goes to Meredith Johnson, Tom's seductive ex-girlfriend, instead. Somehow Tom takes it with a grain of salt, until a personal meeting turns into a seduction when Meredith decides to relive her sexual fantasy and pick up from where they left off. Tom refuses, making Meredith frustrated. Tom's only choice; to sue for sexual harassment. But everyone believes it was the other way around and his boss wants to transfer him to another division, forcing him to lose everything. Tom discovers not only is the system rigged against him, but Meredith's going to destroy his career, and bolster her own by blaming him for a serious error of judgment on her part.


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