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Director :

Javi Camino

Stars :

Pedro Brandariz Gómez, Anxela Baltar, Corinna Rautenberg

Genre :

Horror, Thriller

Release :


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Watch Jacinto HD Soap2day, JACINTO is a nine-year-old child trapped in the body of a man near his forties. He lives in Mallou, a decaying and abandoned small village in the middle of the mountains, along with his parents and his dearest pig, Martiño. It's been a long time since the last time he spoke. Something happened when he was a child that shut him up for good.Jacinto spends his days playing in the woods, going to church on Sundays, watching old vampire movies and visiting his secret spot: an abandoned Seat 127 hidden in the mountain. His mother, Maruja, adores him and makes sure he has everything he needs. His Father, Amancio, is a retired legionnaire that wants to maintain the discipline at home. And Millan, his younger brother, left the village to live in town some years ago, and only comes back when he is looking for money. They are the Becerra family.Jacinto's world is turned upside down when two new neighbors arrive at the village: Alex and Ana, two black metal artists that arrive from Sweden looking for a peaceful place to record the new album for their band, "Tardigrades". Someplace free from distractions. Alex comes from a galician family, and they occupy the house that belonged to her grandmother. Soon they become friends with Maruja, that is excited to see new faces in the area. Jacinto, however, having seen so many vampire films, is convinced the girls are vampires and will bring disgrace to his family. Amancio, that still has an antiquated mentality, can't understand what two girls are doing living together, and doesn't approve of the new neighbors. Both families have to face also an important language barrier and some cultural differences that don't ease the situation.The Swedes refurbish the old house to make it livable, and Alex takes advantage of the situation to record some videos for her Youtube channel, talking about survivalism and rural life. She becomes every day more obsessed with succeeding as a youtuber, and she starts forgetting about music. This becomes a problem between her and Ana. In the meanwhile, Martiño, Jacinto's pig, is becoming a grown-up. Slaughtering time is close, and Jacinto releases him to save him from the knife. His heroism gets him beaten by his father and, in the end, is useless. The Swedes find Martiño by chance and get him back to Amancio, that starts liking the girls much better. Jacinto, on the other side, ensures that they are the Devil himself.Jacinto has enough reasons to hate the newcomers. They don't know it, but everything they do has fatal consequences to the poor guy. They capture Martiño and foil its escape from being killed. They also destroy Jacinto's secret spot when they mistake it for some junk. They call the forest ranger to have it retired, and Jacinto loses his favourite place to hide from reality.Suddenly, the girls discover they have the right to share the communal forest benefits, and the Becerra family doesn't seem satisfied with their requests. The communal forest is their main source of income, and they are not willing to share it with some "outlanders". Amancio, who has a life-threatening heart condition, suffers a heart attack while arguing with the girls, and dies instantly. Jacinto and Maruja can't help but blaming them for his death.With Amancio dead, Millán comes back to Mallou willing to be the man of the house, inherit his parents' estate and convince the girls to give up about sharing the money. He has too many debts from gambling and drugs and needs fresh money as soon as possible.However, neither Maruja nor the Swedes want to be guided by him. Millán, angry and crazed by the drugs and the lack of scruples, decides to undertake an insane plan: killing his own mother, convincing Jacinto that it was the girls who did it and use his fears about vampires to make him avenge Maruja and kill the girls.The plan seems to work. Millán drowns his mother at the laundry. The authorities are confident that it is a suicide, but during the wake, Millán convinces Jacinto that all their fantasies are true: the swedes are not but vampires, and they are guilty of their parents' deaths. If he wants to become the family hero, he has to hide behind a mask and kill them. Jacinto, encouraged by his brother's words, succeeds at killing Ana, but faints at the sight of blood. Millán disappears during the wake to assassinate Alex before she runs out and ruins his plan. When the time is right to hide the corpses, Jacinto faces his brother. The traumatic experience he has just lived make him lose his innocence. He is not a child any more, he speaks again and is unwilling to be led by anyone.Millán, now frightened by Jacinto, runs and hide at the church during the funeral of his mother, planning to walk away from any suspicions and leaving Jacinto with the corpses. Jacinto, that really thinks that he has just committed a heroic act, enters the building carrying the corpses in a wheelbarrow. Then, he lives the dead girls next to the altar, as an offering.Jacinto is found guilty of the crimes and shut in a psychiatric hospital. The incident has the media attention and Millán becomes quite a star. In the end, he finally makes money thanks to the crime he himself planned. Now that no one lives in Mallou, he organizes tours related to the "Mallou's Vampire Slayer Crime". "Dark tourism", the latest fashion.


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